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3 Common Pitfalls of Software Development

Custom software development can often seem a daunting task.  The road between identifying a problem and deploying a custom software solution has historically been a long one.  Fulcrum Development has seen many of the challenges that come up along the way.  Here are 3 of the most common and how to avoid them.

1. Ill-defined Problem and Goals

Despite everyone sitting in the same room, working in the same industry, and looking at the same data, there can often be a disconnect in how various folks perceive the problem and goals.  Breaking down that communication barrier is paramount to developing a viable software solution.  To help break down those walls, ask questions like "Who is our target user?", "How are they doing it today?", and "What efficiency are we trying to gain?".  By identifying who is doing what and for what reason, we can start to get a unified picture of what we are building and rally the team behind why we are building it.

2. Building First and Testing Later

In generations past, once the problem was stated and the goal was defined, software developers were sent away to build the solution.  Invariably, when they came back with the solution in some number of months, the problem had changed or expectations had morphed and there was an urgent need to make significant changes.  Customer software development truly is a team sport.  Get the team together regularly. Build and test in parallel.  Demo the solution every couple of weeks, even when it is still being built.

3. Building Too Much

When you are a hammer, everything is a nail.  When you are a developer, everything needs custom code.  Make sure that the solution that is developed really needs to be developed.  Look at the market and try to find a solution off the shelf that fits 80-90% of your needs and customize it from there.  In the event that you do need a fully custom solution, try to find components that you can use to speed development. You may find that you can cut months off of your development calendar by buying an off-the-shelf solution.

Hopefully, by avoiding these common pitfalls, custom software development can be a painless process for your organization.  To chat about these or other challenges you are facing, give us a call at (857) 302-4459 or drop us a note at info@meetfulcrum.com.

Brian Prigge